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March 7, 2005

Cristal Credit arrives, Sincol expands in Miami-Dade

A French financial risk management firm is moving to Miami-Dade County and a door manufacturer is expanding in the county.

The new office for Cristal Credit International and expansion for Sincol were both divulged by the Beacon Council, Miami-Dade's economic development group.

Cristal Credit specializes in business credit reports, financial surveys and investigations. The company established its Miami-Dade office to market to companies in Latin America, the Caribbean and North America.

The company, which also works on commercial debt collection and litigation resolution, said it plans to hire eight full-time employees over the next three years

The Beacon Council said it identified Cristal Credit as a new location project during an economic development mission to France in June 2003. To help it choose Miami-Dade, the council said it helped Cristal Credit with site selection, research and marketing analysis, business contacts and referrals, as well as general community information.

Sincol, the company making an expansion, is already familiar with the area. It is moving from Opa-locka to an enterprise zone in Hialeah.

The company, which makes and distributes doors for residential use, has about 20 employees. Over the next three years, Sincol said it plans to hire an additional 35 full time employees, make a $250,000 capital investment and occupy 130,000 square feet of office space.

The Beacon Council said it assisted Sincol with Enterprise Zone incentives.

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