Cristal Credit International offers expertise in credit management in the United States of America, Latin America and the Caribbean Islands with operations in Miami, Mexico City, Panama City, Santiago, Chile; Sao Paolo, Brazil and Buenos Aires, Argentina; providing our expertise in some of the most dynamic and high risk market economies in the world.
We're plugged into accurate, timely financial data everywhere that matters: NORTH AMERICA, the entire CARIBBEAN BASIN, and all of LATIN AMERICA.
What makes Cristal Credit different is the unparalleled caliber of our correspondent credit experts here, around the world, and ESPECIALLY IN THE AMERICAS.
We are so well integrated into the world's markets that we also provide broad based support to you in other realms, including Recovery, Credit Insurance and in-depth confidential inquiries regarding offshore enterprises.
Our operations are determined by Speed, Accuracy, Flexibility, On-the-ground presence, International reach and an OBSESSION WITH DEADLINES, all this defines the difference we can make to your business, to your future.



Cristal credit International was founded in 2003 by Jean-Francois Jard and Kevin Rivaton, both specialists in credit management and business intelligence information for over 20 years.

Well established and experienced in Europe, they decided to offer a range of Business Credit Reports and Due Diligence services in North America, later specializing in the Caribbean Islands and Central America.

Today, CRISTAL CREDIT is one of the most important providers of credit reporting and investigation services to the top Credit Bureaus in Europe, and the largest credit insurers in Latin America with the team of commercial and financial risk management experts Jeff and Kevin have created.

Christophe Cutuil
Chief Operations Officer
Email : christophe.cutuil@cristalcredit.com

Andrea Miraz
Production Manager
Email: andrea.miraz@cristalcredit.com

Stephanie NUNEZ
Inquiries Department & Customer Service
Email: info@cristalcredit.com

Head of Business Intelligence Department – Americas
Email: rodolphe@cristalcredit.com
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© Copyright 2024 Cristal Credit International.
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