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Registration Report gathers the main incorporation datas of the targeted company. Credit Report gathers all historical payment and financial records, possible bankruptcy filings, bank details, potential business risks, etc., allowing Cristal Group International to grant you a detailed line of credit and a rating on the targeted company.
  • Credit & Rating
  • Geopolitical Data
  • Identification
  • Banking
  • Activity
  • Shareholding structure & Directorship
  • Financial & Legal Records
  • Summary
  • Appendix & Interview


Cristal Group International is dedicated to support your efforts to act responsibly. Our compliance products exist to meet your needs of information to comply to legal laws and local regulations regarding how you manage your business.
  • International Sanction Lists Check
  • Directorship Check
  • Litigation Check
  • Red Flags Check
  • Press Review / Media Check
  • Corporate Documentation
  • Cadastral Search
  • KYC Corporate Report
  • Comprehensive Corporate Report
  • On-site Interview
  • Site Visit
  • Address Tracing


Cristal Group International modus operandi hinges and rests primarily on the covert collection of “hard to get”, actionable Human Intelligence (HUMINT).
  • Services of the business Intelligence report
  • Pre-M&A reputational due diligence
  • Litigation Support
  • Identification & screening of Foreign partners or associates
  • Fraud (internal & external) and financial investigations & banking asset search (including within offshore jurisdictions)
  • Confidential access, compilation, and analysis of open or semi open source (OSINT) corporate, banking, legal and financial information
  • Market entry (support especially in emerging countries)
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Counterinfluence (NGO, shareholder activism) & protective/defensive influence
  • Domestic and foreign, on site authentication of corporate presence & operations
  • Political threat / Government arbitrary investigation & defense
  • Pre employment screening


To ascertain financial insights of debtors, other parties, and potential business partners. An international tracing of real properties, vehicles, financial assets, business interests, intellectual properties, and fraudulent transfers, offshore jurisdictions included.
© Copyright 2024 Cristal Credit International. All Rights Reserved.
© Copyright 2024 Cristal Credit International.
All Rights Reserved.